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When a man's knowledge is not in order, the more of it he has [-] the greater will be his confusion.
Herbert Spencer

KTNexus is a consulting firm that specializes in Knowledge Translation Support Services.


KTNexus is excited by the opportunity to help researchers or advocates in their efforts to make their research or knowledge more accessible.


KTNexus believes the world is a better place because of evidence-based research. When evidence about our world is used in deciding what we should do in this world good things happen. Lives are saved and injustices corrected.


Knowledge Translation is a term that has arisen out of the health care field to describe the process of how evidence based knowledge is disseminated to increase the likelihood that that knowledge is used to influence practice and policy.  For a relevant overview on the history and definition of the term see what Straus et al wrote.


While recognizing the health care origin of the term, KTNexus considers Knowledge Translation to be one facet of a greater movement to connect knowledge creation with knowledge use. KTNexus is willing to work with anyone who has a knowledge sharing problem.