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Author: Mark


0 ohms in knowledge sharing


A guiding principle of knowledge sharing within Ktnexus is 0Ω or 0 Ohms or Zero resistance.  I am going to take this blog to expand on this concept.


0Ω resistor in electronics is a resistor that has zero electrical resistance.  Electrical resistance is the opposition to the passage of an electric current through a conductor.  However in practical terms a 0Ω resistor is not truly a 0Ω resistor, but it is close.  If you check the Wikipedia definition a 0Ω resistor is only approximately zero; only a maximum [resistance](typically 10–50 mΩ) is specified.


In knowledge sharing we want to transmit knowledge.  The pathways we use have a resistance to them.  For example we create research that has significant utility for a certain type of doctor, let say for a pediatrician.  If the research is published in a cardiovascular research journal instead of a pediatric journal the transmission of this research to pediatric doctors has more resistance in reaching its target.


Now knowledge sharing is way more complex then the above example, however what 0Ω represents is the direction to strive for in your knowledge sharing strategy.   Which is that you strive to understand your knowledge transmission pathways, and then to mitigate those factors which you can, to reduce the resistance to knowledge transmission.


In practical terms, there exists no truly zero ohms resistor and the same is true in knowledge sharing; there is no truly 0Ω resistance path to sharing knowledge. What we seek to do is to get as close to 0Ω as we can.  In the example mentioned earlier about pediatric research, publishing the research in a pediatric journal instead of a cardiovascular journal would be a reduction of the resistance in knowledge transmission.  However this still doesn’t get us to 0Ω resistance, just a reduction in the resistance to knowledge sharing.


With the concept of 0Ω resistance to knowledge sharing, there is also the converse:  ∞Ω resistance to knowledge sharing.  That there is some knowledge that is required not to be shared, such as personal and legally confidential information.  We could then describe the goal in that situation is to achieve ∞Ω or infinite Ω or infinite resistance to knowledge sharing.


A true 0Ω knowledge sharing pathway has only occurred in the writings of science fiction, for example a mind probe directly inserted into a person’s skull where a research publication can be downloaded into that persons brain.


But we are not there yet, so we have to make do with what we have.  A good knowledge sharing strategy attempts to reduce the resistance in the pathways that are already established and, when the situation calls for it, create new ones.


So what is a knowledge sharing pathway?  Well that is another post.


What is Knowledge

What is knowledge?

The short answer is there really is no short answer.

If you want a quick taste of why this is a tricky question to answer go to the Wikipedia article on knowledge.  The most revealing line in the definition is this: However, no single agreed upon definition of knowledge exists, though there are numerous theories to explain it.

So if there is no agreed-upon definition for knowledge, how are we then supposed to accomplish knowledge sharing?  How do we share something that we cannot agree upon?

Well the obvious answer is to look at the definition you are using and go from there.

However there is another approach, to which this blog and the work at KTNEXUS approach the issue of knowledge sharing. That is you focus on the infrastructure of knowledge sharing and less on what is actually being shared.

To be clear, this does not mean to ignore the actual content, or to dismiss its value.  Instead this approach looks at knowledge as something that travels, and thus if you make the road smoother, you make the distance shorter, if you transport by another means, you increase the likelihood that the knowledge will get shared.

The guiding principle of KTNEXUS is to reduce the resistance for knowledge sharing. The ideal state is that there is zero resistance to knowledge sharing.  In designing the logo for KTNEXUS this ideal was expressed allegorically.  The logo for KTNEXUS is an electronic 0Ω resistor.  Ω or Ohms is a physical measurement of electrical resistance.

While electricity and knowledge are two separate things they both do transmit power.