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June 23, 2016in Portfolio

Real Canadian Superstrike

A documentary produced for UFCW401 regarding their strike with SuperStore. It won The Canadian Association of Labour Media Best Documentary award in 2015. View it here.
February 18, 2014in Portfolio

One Small Step

"One Small Step" is a mission profile poster of the Apollo 11 journey to the moon. Inspired by a NASA graphic that was created in 1967 before the Apollo 11 launch, this poster demonstrates the steps that led to that important one small step. With art elements based on original NASA drawings, updated to reflect actual mission times, and panorama images linked to a detail map of Tranquility Base, this is a poster detailing what happened when we put a man on the moon. To see the "One Small Step" poster in it full glory you can go to
May 23, 2013in Portfolio

Comparing Science Communication in Canada and the USA

This piece was done to support the report done by Democracy Watch. Direct link to report.

A copy can be seen here.

February 6, 2013in Portfolio

Parkland Fall Conference - Produced the Video Recording.

Ktnexus has been producing the video recordings of the Parkland Fall Conference for 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015. You can watch these videos here
January 26, 2013in Portfolio

Achieving the Promise: A Forum on Solutions to End Poverty in Alberta

KTNexus was hired to provide and manage the video conference and webcast of this forum.   The forum was hosted in both Calgary and Edmonton, and broadcasted live online for audiences around the province.   Organized by Public Interest Alberta, the Alberta College of Social Workers, U of C Faculty of Social Work. Link    
September 28, 2012in Portfolio

Inequality in Alberta

This project was not finalized because of issues regarding the data set and staffing transition with the client. The female icon needed to be changed to a gender neutral icon because,as is, the icon currently implies this data is about the female population when it is not. Also the colour pallet used is a little tacky.