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0 ohms in knowledge sharing

  A guiding principle of knowledge sharing within Ktnexus is 0Ω or 0 Ohms or Zero resistance.  I am going to take this blog to expand on this concept.   0Ω resistor in electronics is a resistor that has zero electrical resistance.  Electrical resistance is the opposition to the passage of an electric current through a conductor.  However in practical terms a 0Ω resistor is not truly a 0Ω resistor, but it is close.  If you check the Wikipedia definition a 0Ω resistor is only approximately zero; only a maximum [resistance](typically 10–50 mΩ) is specified.   In knowledge sharing we want to transmit knowledge.  The…

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What is Knowledge

What is knowledge? The short answer is there really is no short answer. If you want a quick taste of why this is a tricky question to answer go to the Wikipedia article on knowledge.  The most revealing line in the definition is this: However, no single agreed upon definition of knowledge exists, though there are numerous theories to explain it. So if there is no agreed-upon definition for knowledge, how are we then supposed to accomplish knowledge sharing?  How do we share something that we cannot agree upon? Well the obvious answer is to look at the definition you are using and go from…

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